Yummy Yummy, It’s Brainfood time!

Everyday Grade 1B and Grade 1C have a fruit break at 10.00 am. A fruit break is a short set break which allows children to eat fruit (or vegetables like carrots) in the classroom.

Fruit breaks have the following benefits:

– They encourage the consumption of fruit (most children do not eat enough fruit for good health).

– Hungry students find it hard to concentrate – fruit breaks can help children to be more alert and attentive in the classroom.

– Students are often more interested in playing during morning break, and may end up extremely hungry by lunchtime – fruit breaks can help alleviate this.

– A structured fruit break is a great way of promoting healthy eating at school.

It has been great to see that all children have been bringing along a piece of fruit or vegetables to have during brainfood time! Keep up the healthy eating everyone!




What’s your favourite thing to have for brainfood?