Week One was great because…

The children of grade 1B and 1C have settled in beautifully to their new grades. They have been well behaved and have adapted well to new rules, routines and consequences. They have been bright and cheery and excellent at getting organised in the mornings.

During week one they learnt so much, even if some of it was just revision! They learnt all about rhyming words, counting patterns, location words, each others likes and dislikes, families, correct letter formation and pencil grip and really enjoyed colouring in their front covers for each of their books.

At the end of the week we asked the children to reflect on why their first week in grade one was great. Here are their responses:

* we did counting

* we coloured front covers

* we learnt about location on the play equipment

* we had a lining up competition

* we did brain gym and kilometre club

* we did cutting and pasting

* we got to do some writing

* we have lovely teachers

* we get to have a big class family

* we went on a school work and got to create a map

* we went to the library and borrowed a book

* we played games in PE

* we got to learn songs in music

* we have a beautiful new classroom to explore

* we made art front covers for our portfolios

What are you looking forward to in week 2?