Nose, goes, toes, rose….

Since starting grade one we have been learning all about Rhyming words. We have read lots of different books with rhyming words in them like: Mr McGee and the Blackberry Jam, Tough Ol Teddy, In my Backyard, Dragon in a Wagon, Mr McGee, Fox in Sock, Mr McGee goes to Sea and lots of others. 

We have completed lots of rhyming activities from matching pictures and sentences to creating our very own class rhyming book. 

On the Sesame Street website we found these excellent videos about rhyming words. In the first video see if you can hear all of the rhyming words. Click the blue writing below!

In this second video Bert and Ernie are playing a rhyming game. See if you can play the same sort of game with your family. Click the blue writing below to watch the video!

Click on the blue writing below to play a rhyming game on the Sesame Street website.

You might like to look at other videos or games on the Sesame Street website.


Which videos and games did you like the most?