The Add’ems Family

This week in grade one we have learnt all about adding two numbers together. In order to get us engaged Miss Hunichen and Mrs Hollands showed us some excellent addition videos from the Sesame Street website. You can sher these videos with your friends and family by clicking on the blue links below!

The Add’ems Family

It all Adds Up song with Elmo

Animal Elevator

You can practise your adding skills by clicking on the links below to play addition games!!

What have you learnt about addition?

Are there things around the house that you can add?

4 thoughts on “The Add’ems Family

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    Adding means when I put two numbers together, like 5+5=10. I can use seeds to practise adding. I can add my teddies. I can add the apples in the fruit bowl. I can count all the beds in the house.
    By Alison, Grace D, Kai and Thomas.

  2. To Mrs Hollands, Ihave my fingers and 10 + 10 = 20, I have my fingers and 5 + 4 = 9. Mmm I would have fruit all day. From Charli

    • Hi Charli,
      Clever girl! Well done sweetie! Did you enjoy our tiny teddy activity today? I loved watching you all do your addition problems with the teddies… Eating them was great too!
      Mrs Hollands

  3. You could add all your books. I guess I have 200 books. I really don’t want to add them all up! I can add 5 + 6=11

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