Boss for a Week

Over rhe last week Grade 1B and 1C have been learning all about families. We have shared family photos, read stories about different families, written about what we like doing with our families and talked about jobs in the family. One of the children’s favourite activities was reading the story ‘Boss for a Week.’ After reading the children were asked to come up with 2 of their own rules if they were the boss of the house. Some of their ideas are quite entertaining, we hope you enjoy them! 

After reading the other rules would you change your rules?

If so what would you add to your rules?

9 thoughts on “Boss for a Week

  1. Hi Mrs Hollands, how are all my friends going. I am good and looking forward to coming back to school.
    My throat is still sore and I’m eating lots of icecream. I am going to the doctors on Wednesday so he can look at my throat.
    See you soon.
    Love Taylah

    • Hello Taylah,
      How are you feeling gorgeous? Hope you’re feeling better! We cant wait to see you again! I will give you a call tomorrow to see how you are. Miss you!
      Mrs Hollands

    • Oh Taylah,
      That is fantastic! I have a big smile on my face seeing you complete the Boss for a week work! Your mummy is wonderful! I could see your rules and your lovely smiling face! WELL DONE! Little Champion!
      Mrs Hollands

  2. I thought of another rule I’d like if I was the boss. ‘Every day you get to eat chocolate in my house.’ My mum thinks this would be bad for my teeth but she really enjoyed looking at everyone’s beautiful work.

  3. Hi Jack
    I like your chocolate every day rule, however I think your mum might be right, I don’t think it would be good for your teeth at all. I’m very glad she enjoyed looking at everyones work. Mrs Hollands and I were very proud of all of you because you all worked really hard on this task and came up with some excellent rules! I think my rule would be that I don’t have to cook dinner because I don’t like trying to think of something to cook.
    Miss Hunichen

    • Miss Hunichen you are so funny! I would be so nice to have a rule “No deciding what to cook for dinner”. I don’t mind cooking it but don’t like deciding very much!
      Jack- mmmm chocolate everyday would be awesome but you would have no teeth at all!
      Mrs Hollands

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