A balanced diet

Last week the children in Grade 1B and 1C learnt about taking care of themselves. As part of this topic the children discussed the sorts of foods they should eat regularly and the sorts of foods they should limit. To show what they had learnt they worked in pairs to cut healthy and unhealthy foods out of supermarket catalogues. Have a look at their awesome work below.




What are your favourite healthy foods?

Which treats are your favourite for every now and then?

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Queensland families are in need. It is times like this we need to come together to help those families whose lives are being turned upside down as a result of this natural disaster.

Please bring a gold coin this Thursday the 17th of February to support those in need!

Your junk is our treasure!

This week we will be looking at the foods that keep us healthy. We are asking for your junk mail- supermarket catalogues that you no longer need! The children will be creating a collage of good foods and treat foods. We can’t wait to show you!! Please send them to school with your child ASAP. We will not require anymore after Friday.


I love you because…

Today we talked about the meaning of Valentines day and the reasons why we loved our parents. Here are your child’s responses:

I love my mum and dad because…

* we go on the tractor – Wil

* they let me have lots of lollies – Nicky

* they let me go for a run – Luke

* they are nice – Ayden

* they take me to the swimming center – Jack

* they let me play my DS – Jesse

* they are nice to me – Hamish

* they give me lots of lollies – Austin

* they take me on the tractor and the motobike – Ruby

* they let me take Henry for a walk – Olivia W

* they fix things for me – Jake

* they take me to the movies – James

* they take me on the tractor and the motorbike – Taylah

* they took me to the aquarium – Lachlan

* they fix things for me – Cameron

* they got me a pet cat – Thomas

* they take me to lots of parties – Charli

* they let me ride on the road – Kyah

* they let me have two lollies a day – Jamie

* they take me to ballet and jazz funk – Amelia

* they take me to lots of parties – Tamiah

* they are going to teach me to drive a little train at the steam park – Sarah R

* they take me to ballet – April

* they take me to the pool – Mia

* they teach me to swim – Ella Rose

* they got me a dog – Patrick

* they take care of me – Skye

* they take me on the motorbike – Olivia H

* they got me a mouse – Ella

* they let me ride my bike – Lachlan

* they take me to ballet – Grace D

* they let me go on the tractor – Alison

* they buy me toys – Mikayla

* they buy me lots of yummy food – Emily

* they take me to ballet – Sarah B

* they get me treats after school – Holly

* they take me to the skate park – Clay

* they let me go to work with them – Sam

* they give me lollies – Grace R

* they take me to the park – Darcy Rose

* they are nice to me – Kailey

* they buy me lots of toys – Ethan

* they let me go to my friends houses – Kai

* they buy me lots of toys – Luka

 I hope you enjoy the disney video!

Can you name all the movies?


Week One was great because…

The children of grade 1B and 1C have settled in beautifully to their new grades. They have been well behaved and have adapted well to new rules, routines and consequences. They have been bright and cheery and excellent at getting organised in the mornings.

During week one they learnt so much, even if some of it was just revision! They learnt all about rhyming words, counting patterns, location words, each others likes and dislikes, families, correct letter formation and pencil grip and really enjoyed colouring in their front covers for each of their books.

At the end of the week we asked the children to reflect on why their first week in grade one was great. Here are their responses:

* we did counting

* we coloured front covers

* we learnt about location on the play equipment

* we had a lining up competition

* we did brain gym and kilometre club

* we did cutting and pasting

* we got to do some writing

* we have lovely teachers

* we get to have a big class family

* we went on a school work and got to create a map

* we went to the library and borrowed a book

* we played games in PE

* we got to learn songs in music

* we have a beautiful new classroom to explore

* we made art front covers for our portfolios

What are you looking forward to in week 2?

Get to know us!!

This week Mrs Hollands and Miss Hunichen have been working hard to get to know all of the students. We have found out what they like, don’t like and who some of their friends are. We have learnt about some of the things they can do and the sorts of personalities that some of them have. We have a delightful bunch of children this year and we hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit about them from the following slideshows!

Get to know Grade 1B on PhotoPeach

Get to Know Grade 1C on PhotoPeach


Do you have some things in common with your friends or

children from the other class?

Yummy Yummy, It’s Brainfood time!

Everyday Grade 1B and Grade 1C have a fruit break at 10.00 am. A fruit break is a short set break which allows children to eat fruit (or vegetables like carrots) in the classroom.

Fruit breaks have the following benefits:

– They encourage the consumption of fruit (most children do not eat enough fruit for good health).

– Hungry students find it hard to concentrate – fruit breaks can help children to be more alert and attentive in the classroom.

– Students are often more interested in playing during morning break, and may end up extremely hungry by lunchtime – fruit breaks can help alleviate this.

– A structured fruit break is a great way of promoting healthy eating at school.

It has been great to see that all children have been bringing along a piece of fruit or vegetables to have during brainfood time! Keep up the healthy eating everyone!




What’s your favourite thing to have for brainfood?