Parent Reading Talk- Monday the 21st at 9am

Next Monday the 21st of March we are holding a parent information session regarding how to effectively run a guided reading session with your reading group. So far- we have 21 parents coming. If you have not replied to the session, please do so ASAP so we can cater accordingly.

Please also note that there has been a change of room for the session. The parent session will be held in the teachers STAFFROOM now at 9am and not the library.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Fun in the water at Gisborne Aquatic Centre!

The two weeks are over! Swimming in Grade One has finished and what a better way to celebrate the final swimming session with a blown up water monster and fun games! Children walked the slippery back of “Gissy” the water monster and participated in water relays and noodle races! The children have worked really hard in the water for the last two weeks- learning floating skills, water safety skills, different stroke techniques and water entry. All children have enjoyed the swimming program and can’t wait to do it all over again in Grade Two.

What was your favourite part of going swimming with your class?


 For parents- Did you think the two week intensive sessions worked well? Why/Why not?


Can you suggest any improvements that we can pass on to the Gisborne Aquatic Centre?