National Ride to School Day

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Yesterday was National Ride to School Day. This means that we rode our bikes, scootered, walked, roller bladed or skate boarded our way to school.

In Grade 1B 2 people rode their bikes to school and the same number of peole rode bikes in 1C.

Most people in Grade 1B and 1C came on scooters, there were 10 in 1B and 7 in 1C.

Only some people walked to school, from both grades there were 5 walkers.

Lots of people came in cars with mums and dads because they live a fair way away from the school. Some people drove part of the way and then walked part of the way.

At lunchtime we were allowed to ride our bikes on the basketball courts and our scooters in the new courtyard. We needed to make sure we were wearing a helmet though. We had heaps of fun on our bikes and scooters. 

By Grade 1B and 1C


What was your favourite part of Ride to School Day?

Being Water Wise

Yesterday Anne from Western Water came to visit the Grade 1’s. Anne came to teach us some facts about water. She also taught us lots of ways to save water at home.

Some of the water saving tips were:

* Use a cup when you are brushing your teeth instead of having the tap running

* Put a brick in the toilet cistern to save 3 litres of water

* Buy a washer for fifty cents to stop dripping taps

* Hang a bucket in the shower to use on gardens

* Use a water tank to store water

* Use a trigger nozzle on your hose

* Only half fill a bucket for washing the car and only wash lights, windows, numberplates and mirrors

* Use a liquid when washing clothes

* Roses and lavendar love soapy bathwater, but don’t tip soapy bathwater on vegetables, fruit trees or native plants

* Use a four minute timer in the shower

* Have a bath instead of a shower

By Grade 1B and 1C













What do you do at home to save water?