Counting On Ice Creams

On Wednesday we learnt about counting on in maths. We used jelly ice cream cones,Β two dice and our pencils.

We worked with the person sitting next to us.

First we rolled both of the dice, one had dots on it and the other had numbers.

Next we modelled our plus sum with our ice cream cones, the ice cream cones matched the dots on the dot dice.

Then we looked at the number dice to get our starting number before we counted on the ice cream cones.

In our books we wrote down the sums.

This activity was lots of fun because we liked eating the lolly ice creams at the end!

By Grade 1B and 1C

What has been your favourite maths activity this term?

What other foods could we have used for this activity?

11 thoughts on “Counting On Ice Creams

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen
    My favorite activity in maths was when we did sums with the tiny teddies because they were chocolate and honey. They are my favorite biscuits and we got to eat them. We could have used lolly snakes because they help you learn too, like the jelly babies and ice cream cones and tiny teddies.

    Love from Lachlan.

  2. Hi Everybody in Grade 1 C. It is Charli here. I am having a great time in Queensland. I have already been to Movie World and Seaworld. I went on the Scooby Doo Coaster and the Road Runner Coaster at Movie world. They were really great. I went to Seaworld on Friday and saw a Dolphin show, a seal show and a Pirate show. The dolphins can Jump very high. The seals were very funny when they played games with the people. The pirate show was funny because the boy pulled the cannon and he was’t supposed to. We still have to go to Wet and Wild and we are going to the Outback Spectactular tomorrow night. Hope you are having a great time at school.
    See You later From Charli Price.

    • Hi Charli and family,
      We are all so happy that you are having a great time in Queensland! It is so much fun at the theme parks. Mrs Hollands and Mr Hollands went there in January and we loved it too. I loved the Scooby Doo Coaster- Mr Hollands was a bit frightened. We didn’t go on the Road runner coaster- glad you liked it! Did mummy and daddy go on the Superman rollercoaster? That was so fast and very scary! Make sure you take lots of photos so we can look at them when you get back. Have fun at Wet and Wild and the Outback Spectactular! We miss you lots!
      Mrs Hollands and 1C

  3. Hello Miss Hunichen, I loved doing the ice cream cone work and I loved the worksheet.
    I also like doing the number charts because you get to count back from 10.
    My favorite teachers are Miss Hunichen and Mre Hollands I love them.I also like the 1A class , Mrs Ward is very nice.
    I have lots of good freinds like Luka, Ethan, Will, Lochlan, Austin, Nicky, Oliver, Mia and Siena.
    From Kai

  4. Dear Kai
    You have written a fantastic comment. I am very pleased to see that your comment has spaces, full stops and capitals letters, starts and finishes appropriately and has very few spelling mistakes, what a great achievement!!
    I’m glad you are enjoying maths, food always makes things more fun and we think it helps you to understand the tasks better πŸ™‚
    Mrs Ward and Mrs Hollands will enjoy hearing that they are among your favourite teachers. I like having you in my class and am glad that you have so many friends in the grade. What sorts of games do you like to play with your frinds at school?
    Miss Hunichen

  5. Hello 1B and 1C,
    It was a great surprise to hear from you again.

    From looking at your blog, I can see that you have been having lots and lots of fun at school. I might have to try some of the things that you have been doing with my class.

    I can see that you have also been learning about blogging and how to write quality comments. You must be very busy every day with all your learning.

    Have you been writing comments to other classes around the world?

    from Mrs W

  6. Hi Mrs Holland,
    I liked the jelly babie sum because it was relly yummy.I also liked the tiny teddy sum because it was yummy too.The ice cream wasn’t yummy.

  7. Dear Mrs Hollands and Mrs Hunichen
    I really like counting the lollies because it was fun and at the end we got to eat them. I also liked learning about how not to waste water.

    • Hi Clay,
      So lovely to hear from you! It great to see you get on the blog and leave a comment! I am glad you enjoyed using lollies to complete addition sums. It’s fun using food to help us learn how to count. Maybe you could show your mum how to do it too!
      Mrs Hollands

  8. Hi Miss Hunichen, This term I like counting on the number chart because we get to count to 100, thats my favourite number, jelly snakes would be good to count with. .
    from Luka

    • Hi Luka,
      Great to hear from you on the blog and great to see that you opened your comment with who you were writing to and closed with who it was from. I’m glad you are enjoying maths this term, we have done lots of activities with lollies. We definitely could have used jelly snakes for adding or even graphing. Tomorrow we will use jelly beans for graphing. What do you think we will graph?
      From Miss Hunichen

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