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  1. Hellooooo! It was really exciting to hear from you. Isn’t this great? Your blog looks wonderful too. Maths sounds good in your grade. Fancy eating lollies in school time. I like learning about fractions because we use bars of chocolatefor that .Yum.
    From Ms. Hensby

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen

    No, no burning questions as it was an excellent presentation and very clear. Thank you! However, I wonder if the parents could come to maths at school and join in learning about fractions with lollies?

    From Anna

    • Hi Anna
      Thank you for your support this evening. It was great to see familiar faces. I’m glad you found the presentation clear and easy to follow.
      The children have really enjoyed all of the maths with lollies. This week we have graphed smartie colours, jelly bean colours, and even used the characters on the back of the smartie boxes.
      Do you have a favourite activity that ypu remember from your primary school days?
      Miss Hunichen

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