Eight down and two to go!

It was a rainy week here in Gisborne. Inside the classroom, Grade 1B and 1C still managed to have a fun, exciting and happy week. We learnt so many new things!

  • In music we learnt a song called ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King
  • In Art we learnt to draw from our imagination
  • In Phys Ed we played a game called Traffic Lights and we did PMP
  • In computers we are learning where the letters are on the keyboard
  • In maths we continued to learn all about counting on
  • Our Integrated studies unit taught us all about the environment. We read Window and Lester and Clyde.
  • We learnt not to litter or pollute our waterways
  • We are still practising the things a good friend does and the ‘Name It’ procedure
  • In handwriting we focussed on the letter Nn, lots of people still write it backwards
  • Our Stars of the Week were Mia and Skye
  • We watched Hector’s World and learnt more about Cyber Saftey
  • In maths we revised the days of the week and the months of the year and looked at the March calendar
  • Keyboard children learnt keys C, D and E


What was your favourite activity this week and why?