Eight down and two to go!

It was a rainy week here in Gisborne. Inside the classroom, Grade 1B and 1C still managed to have a fun, exciting and happy week. We learnt so many new things!

  • In music we learnt a song called ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King
  • In Art we learnt to draw from our imagination
  • In Phys Ed we played a game called Traffic Lights and we did PMP
  • In computers we are learning where the letters are on the keyboard
  • In maths we continued to learn all about counting on
  • Our Integrated studies unit taught us all about the environment. We read Window and Lester and Clyde.
  • We learnt not to litter or pollute our waterways
  • We are still practising the things a good friend does and the ‘Name It’ procedure
  • In handwriting we focussed on the letter Nn, lots of people still write it backwards
  • Our Stars of the Week were Mia and Skye
  • We watched Hector’s World and learnt more about Cyber Saftey
  • In maths we revised the days of the week and the months of the year and looked at the March calendar
  • Keyboard children learnt keys C, D and E


What was your favourite activity this week and why?

7 thoughts on “Eight down and two to go!

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen
    My favourite activity this week was when we walked to Ross Watt Reserve and learnt about keeping our parks and environment clean. So animals and people don’t hurt themselves.
    From Lachlan

  2. Hello Miss Hunichen,
    I liked learning about “In The Hall Of The Mountain King”, it is a very old piece of music. I have heard it on a T.V commercial.
    I really hope i can play it one day!

    From Emily.

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen

    Thank you for giving up your spare time to teach the parents about blogs this evening. It was a very interesting presentation and I hope it will help us use the class blogs at home. My favourite part was using the computers that our children use at school. Aren’t they a lucky lot?

    I wonder what your favourite part of the presentation was?



  4. Dear Anna
    I appreciated the support of the small number of parents that came to the blogging session. A huge benefit to small numbers was being able to visit the lab and each have a computer to work at with the help and support of three teachers. I enjoy speaking about blogging and as you can see it has become a bit of an obsession for me.
    I’m glad you enjoyed seeing and using the lab computers, the children certainly are lucky to have access to such a wide range of technology.
    What sort of technology did you have at primary school? How many computers did you have in a classroom?
    From Miss Hunichen

  5. Dear Miss Hunichen, I liked it when we went to Ross Watt Reserve.
    Because we got to have a play, after we learnt about the park and the animals.
    But it made me angry, because people left their rubbish everywhere.
    I also liked when we went for the walk down to the Adventure Park.
    It was lots of fun, and after lunch and snack we got to use the equipment.
    Thankyou because I had lots of fun…
    See you all on Monday.
    Ayden. 1B

    • Hi Ayden,
      Its so wonderful to hea from you on the blog and what an excellent comment you have left. Well done for remembering all of the parts you are meant to include.
      Ross Watt park was great fun, although I do agree with you about the rubbish. It is a shame people can’t walk to a bin to dispose of their rubbish. How do you think we could fix this problem?
      I’m glad you enjoyed the walk today. Other than playing on the equipment what was your favourite activity?
      Look forward to seeing your writing about today on Monday.
      Miss Hunichen

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