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    • Dear Ethan,
      I’m glad to hear you are excited about the walk. Hopefully we don’t get any rain on the day. We have lots of fun activities planned for the day, I wonder which one will be your favourite. Make sure you pack lunch and play lunch in separate bags with your name on them.
      Miss Hunichen

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen
    I am looking forward to walking to Gisborne and I will love it when I go to Gisborne with the class. I will like it because and it will be fun.
    From Lachlan

  2. Dear Mrs Hollands
    Olivia is really looking forward to the walking to Gisborne tomorrow. She can’t wait to play on the playground with her friends and have lunch in the park. I hope the weather is great for your special day. Lisa (Olivia W’s mum)

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    Thank you very much for running the “How to Blog” Information evening. I found it very informative and interesting. It has helped me understand blogs better. How am I going so far?
    With kind regards,
    Livinia (Harrison and Mitchell’s mum)

    • Dear Livinia
      Thank you for coming to the blog information session. It was great to have friendly faces there. I am more than happy to share any knowledge I have on blogging with those keen to learn as it can be difficult to get your head around. I’m sure both Mitchell and Harrison’s teacher will be impressed with your new found commenting skills.
      Miss Hunichen

  4. I had a great time walking to the park. I enjoyed playing on the playground equipment and eating my lunch in the park. I was playing with Sarah, Jasmine and Jamie, they are my friends.
    Have a nice weekend and I will see you on Monday.

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