Acrostic Poems

As part of our discussions about family and friends in the last few weeks the children were introduced to the format for an Acrostic Poem. We thought this would be a good way for children to express their feelings about their families and friends. The most challenging part of this task was to think of words that began with the letters in ‘friends’ and ‘family’. Even our parent helpers learnt something new as their child was exposed to this kind of poetry.

 You’ll have to turn your head to the side to read these poems!


Can you think of an acrostic poem for

‘pets’ or ‘mum’ or ‘dad’?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Over the last few weeks we have been talking about rules and responsibilities in our family homes. We read ‘It’s your turn Roger’ which was about a pig who didn’t want to set the tabel. We talked about what jobs the children help with at home and whether they get any pocket money for doing so. It was very interesting to see what the children helped do at home.





What do you help with at home?

How much pocket money do you get?

What do you do with your pocket money?


Last week Grade 1B and 1C elected their

representatives for Juniour School Council.


Thank you to all the children who nominated themselves

and congratulations to the following children:


Ethan and Mia from 1B

April and Lachlan from 1C


Emergency Reps


Luke and Emily from 1B

Kyah and Sam from 1C










What things would you like your class reps

to talk about at their meetings?

What kind of ship never sinks? A Friendship!!!

This week in grade one we are going to be learning all about friendly behaviours and how to make new friends. We are going to watch some Sesame St videos to help us, read some stories and talk about things good friends do and don’t do.


Watch Elmo and Rosita talk about friendship


What does friendship mean to you?


What makes a good friend?


What do you like doing with your friends?