Smartie Maths

Last week the children in Grade 1 learnt how to create a graph.

On Monday the children were given a packet of Smarties each.  

We had to count all the Smarties, then count the number of  Smarties in each colour and graph that information.

Some people had no Smarties of a certain colour. Some people’s graphs were very even and some graphs had lots of colours. The number of Smarties in each box also varied quite a bit too!

After we had coloured our graph and recorded the information we were able to eat the Smarties. That was the best part and the lesson.

Afterwards we recorded all the individual graphs onto a whole class graph. There were alot of Smarties altogether, 292 in fact! Our whole class graph showed that blue was the most popular colour with 60 blue Smarties. We had the least purple Smarties with only 24.


What is your favourite colour Smartie?

Do you remember what colour Smartie you had the most of?

Reading a Graph

Last week the children in Grade 1B and 1C learnt lots about graphing.

They learnt how to create a graph by knowing what each axis should show, they also learnt how to interpret information shown on a graph.

We graphed all sorts of different things from eye colour and hair colour to Smartie colours and jelly bean colours.

We also graphed the characters on the back of the Smarties packets.

















Have a look at our 3 graphs above and

leave a comment telling us what the graphs show!