I would walk 500 miles….

On Friday all of the grade ones went to Jackson’s Creek. We went there because we needed to learn about pollution. We did fun things like finding bugs in the creek. To get the bugs we needed a net and a magnifying glass. We drew the creek and we went on a treasure hunt in the Botanical Gardens. I found everything. The we went back to have lunch. After that we had a play on the playground. Then we went back to school and had a rest. Then the bell went and we all went home. I was tired.

By Elise in 1C

On Friday grade ones walked past Ross Watt Reserve, past the old people’s house and under the freeway. Under the freeway there was some graffiti. Then we went down the hill, past the building site, past the petrol station and into Sankey Reserve where they do Auskick. When we got to the park we had brain food. My favourite activity was fishing.

By Thomas in 1C

On Friday we went for a walk to Gisborne. My mum came too and we had a treasure hunt. We walked past the freeway and we saw graffiti. We drew a piture of the creek. We got to fish with a net and a magnifying glass. We also did some bin spotting. I felt happy.

By Tamiah in 1B

On Friday all of the grade ones went to Gisborne. Some of the activities we did were bin spotto, pond dipping, man made and natural, a treasure hunt and our view of the creek. In pond dipping I caught a water bug. It looked like a stick insect. My favourite activity was pond dipping. When we had our lunch we played on the equipment. When we walked back we walked with the parents. Some of the parents were my mum, Ethan’s mum and Jesse’s mum.

By Austin in 1B

On Friday all of the grade ones walked to Gisborne to see Jackson’s Creek. We did Bin Spotto, we had to put a ‘x’ where we thought a bin should be and a ‘b’ where a bin was. We also did a treasure hunt, found bugs, drew our view of the creek, looked for man made and natural things and went pond dipping. We went past the petrol station and the Auskick oval. We went under the bridge and I saw a can and a drink bottle. I liked playing on the play equipment and doing the treasure hunt. It was a long walk down to Jackson’s Creek.

By Mia in 1B

What was the best part of the excursion?