Carn the Bombers

Today the children had their footy sausage sizzle. The sausages and hamburgers went down a treat and it was great to see the children decked out in their footy colours.

The most popular team in our grades was the Essendon Bombers, with 10 supports including Mrs Hollands. They were followed closely by Richmond and Hawthorn with 6 supporters each. North Melbourne had 5 supports in Grade one as well as Miss Hunichen. Carlton, Collingwood and Geelong were all popular with 4 supporters each. Western Bulldogs had only a small following with 2 supporters. At the bottom of the ladder was Port Adelaide and St Kilda with one supporter. Many of the interstate teams were unsupported as was Melbourne Demons.

What team do you follow?

Why do you follow that team?

Who is your favourite player?

Meet Grade 1 at Banksia Beach

Yesterday we looked at Mrs Thorburns class blog. She teaches Grade 1 at Banksia Beach State School in Brisbane. You can look at her blog by clicking on the link below or by looking on the side bar under ‘Schools around the World’.

The children really enjoyed looking at the photos of their classroom and talking about the things that were the same and different. You can show your parents the photos by visiting this part of the blog.

We also looked at a photo of Mrs Thorburn in grade 1 and a photo of her now. Over the holidays we will be adding our own teacher photos to our blog. Check the ‘About the Teachers’ tab at the top of the home page.

The children then worked on writing a comment to Mrs Thorburn and her class. They have been learning about writing quality comments and are now able to tell information and ask questions to gain information. 

You can read some of the comments below.

Dear Mrs Thorburn and Grade 1C, I liked your blog. We have the alphabet on our placemats at our tables. Have you got a canteen? What is your favourite colour? Our teachers both like pink. Do you have assembly? We go on Monday afternoon. Miss Hunichen has a favourite flower, it is a rose. We saw you when you were a little girl.

From Grace D

Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C, I liked your blog. Why do you like the Broncos? Our teachers both like the colour pink. Do you go to Pe, Music and Art. I saw that you have no computers in your photos.

From Jesse

Dear Mrs Thorburn and Grade 1C, We looked at your blog. We don’t have a smart board or lockers under our tables, but we have a projector board and lockers in trolleys. We saw when you were a little girl. What is your favourite colour. Miss Hunichen’s favourite colour is pink.

From Mikayla

Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C, I visited your blog and I saw your smart board. We don’t have one, instead we have a data projector. Grade 1B and 1C made pancakes on Pancake Tuesday, I wonder if you did? I saw your class had lockers under their tables, ours are in a trolley.

From Nicky

Dear Mrs Thorburn and Grade 1C. I liked your classroom blog. I think your classroom is gorgeous. Do you give out certificates? Do you do PE, music, art, computer or library? We have the 100 words just like you. Our teachers had to wear uniforms when they were in grade 1.

From Jamie

To Mrs Thorburn and 1C, I’m writing about when you were little. When our teachers were little they had to wear a uniform. Do you go to PE, Art, music, library or computers. Do you go to assembly? We go to assembly on Monday and we sing Advance Australia Fair. In our classroom our letters and numbers are the same as yours. We loved looking at you blog. We hope you visit our blog.

From Sarah R

 Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C, we looked at your blog. We have a warning chart just like yours. We also have the Magic 100 words. Do you have reading tubs like we do? My teachers favourite colour is pink, what’s yours? My teachers favourite season is Summer, I can see yours is Spring.

From Olivia H

Dear Mrs Thorburn and 1C, we looked at your blog and I thought your blog looked good. Our classroom has a middle room, does yours? We have a name card on our table with the alphabet on it. Do you go to PE or Art? We go to assembly on MOnday and sing Advance Australia Fair.

From Sam

Below is a photo showing the teachers favourite things. 




What things do the teachers have in common

and what is different?