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  1. Dear Miss Hunichen and Mrs Hollands

    I hope you enjoy Easter. I am going up to my dad’s to Queensland. I hope the Easter Bunny finds me there. I hope you have a good weekend. Are any friends coming to your house for Easter? I went to my friend Olivia’s house last night for a sleep over. We made Easter baskets and Easter eggs. They were normal eggs but we painted them. I slept on a new stretcher. It was comfy. Yesterday I got new jeans. I am growing a lot.
    From Grace R

  2. Hi Grace
    I’m sure the Easter bunny will find you wherever you are! I have spent the first week of the holidays having a sleepover at my friends house in Bairnsdale. She has a little girl who is two and I have been sleeping on a special trundle bed next to her, it has been lots of fun!
    When I get back I need to do some shopping for some new shoes.
    I hope you have lots of sunny weather in Queensland!
    See you Soon
    Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Mrs Wilson
      Our class will definitely check out your blog when we get back to school after Easter. I m glad you felt inspired by our blog, we have been working really hard on promoting it as much as we can this year and are having some good success.
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen
    I saw Rio and Hop too. We also saw Born to be Wild in 3D at IMAX which was really great and the orangutans and elephants both did some really funny stuff.
    I hope you have a happy easter.
    from ethan

    • Dear Ethan
      I think lots of the children will have seen Rio and Hop. Which movie was your favourite? I havent heard about Born to be Wild. What was it about?
      I have visited Mrs Hollands in the holidays and she is waiting pateiently for her sister in law to have a baby. Toady I am going to visit my sister and her little girl. Are you doing anything special for Easter? I’m going to catch up with my family over Easter.
      Look forward to seeing you back at school soon.
      Miss Hunichen

  4. Daer miss h

    the movys were good and funny as well.
    Did you go to the movys?
    and it is 5 days intill Easter.
    I am iksited about Easter.
    Are you?

    from mikayla

    • Dear Mikayla
      I am glad that you are enjoying your holidays. I havent been to the movies yet but I have been busy doing lots of other things. I really enjoyed staying with my friend and her little girl. I read lots of stories to her and we coloured in. Today I am going to visit my sisters little girl.
      I hope that the Easter bunny visits you! Look forward to seeing you back at school after Easter!
      Miss Hunichen

  5. Dear Miss Hunichen,

    Rio was my favourite movie, I saw it with my friends Nicky, Luka, Austin and Aki.
    In Hop the bunny’s name is EB which is the nickname my family call me. I like it when EB the bunny plays the drums.
    I am going to see my family for Easter too. I can’t wait for the Easter Bunny to come.

    Born to be Wild is about baby orangutans and elephants (who don’t have mums) and the humans that raise them. The stories are real. It was a really lovely movie. It made my mum cry!!

    From Ethan and his mum (Karah)

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