In the age of the dinosaurs!

Practically every child, at some point, has been enthused with dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were a great part of our world history, and even though we may never fully understand them or why they have become extinct, the fact remains that the age of dinosaurs must have been an amazing feat, and we all, in some way, would like to know more about the mystery that is dinosaurs.
Children were asked what they knew about dinosaurs and we must admit- most children are well on truly on their way to becoming dinosaur experts once the term is complete!

Click on the links below to find out what each class knows about dinosaurs!

What Grade 1C know about dinos

Grade 1B What we know about dinos

April School Holidays

The children have been very busy over the school holidays. Well done to all of the parents for keeping them so busy.

To see all of the wonderful things they have been up to you can view our PowerPoint presentation by clicking the link below.

April School Holidays


What was your favourite thing about the holidays?


After reading the PowerPoint

what was the most popular actvity?

Happy Mothers Day to all our mums. The children were asked on Friday why they love their mums and these were their responses:
I love my mum because…
She plays memory with me (Ella Rose)
She cooks breakfast for me (Sarah B)
She gives me ice-cream at her house meetings (Ethan)
She makes ice-cream cakes for me (Mikayla)
She buys me lots of lollies (Austin)
She is special and gives me ice-cream (Lachlan C)
She cooks choc chip muffins (Luke)
She cooks for me (Grace D)
She lets me have my DS (Jesse)
She is kind to me (Ayden)
She pays for me to go to Jazz (Amelia)
She does my hair for me (Emily)
She gives me ice-cream (Wil)
When I go to sleep, she picks me up and puts me into bed (Darcy Rose)
She plays at school with me (Mia)
She buys me stuff (Tamiah)
She builds puzzles with me (Grace R)
She plays games with me (Kailey)
She helps me build my lego (Luka)
She makes dinner for me and sweets (Alison)
She helps me make ice-cream (Kai)
She is special (Nicky)
She took me to walking with the dinosaurs and I loved it! (Jack)
She is always nice to me (April)
She lets me stay up late and watch a video (Cameron)
She helps me clean up my brothers mess (Olivia H)
She lets me play my DS for 1/2 an hour (Thomas)
She lets me have chocolate and bubble gum (Holly)
She lets me watch TV (Ella)
She cooks me dinner and is nice to me (Charli)
She lets me have custard (Elise)
She lets me stay up late and makes good meat pies (Sarah R)
She lets me play what I want (James)
She let me go to walking with the dinosaurs with Cameron (Lachlan R)
She picks me up from school (Sam)
She lets me get a treat when I help my brother (Jake)
She lets me go to my friends house (Taylah)
She lets me have ice-cream (Skye)
She lets me have lots of sleep-overs (Clay)
She lets me go to peoples house (Kyah)
She lets me go to the football with Cooper (Ruby)
She lets me stay up late and watch movies (Oliver)