Meet our student teachers

This year we have welcomed two student teachers, Madison Sutton who is working in Grade 1B and Simon Boxall who is working in Grade 1C. Both student teachers have been observing lessons, taking small and whole group classes and doing all the other bits and pieces a teacher does.


We asked the student teachers to tell us a little bit about themselves. Below are their responses.

“My name is Madison and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education Prep-Year 12 course at Victoria University. I am majoring in History and Asian Studies and am currently in my 2nd Year. I have chosen teaching as my career as I enjoy the company of children, watching them grow and learn. I want to make a difference to their lives. I have been working in early childhood settings for 8 years and am now ready for a new challenge, teaching. My interests include- nature, travelling, running, fishing, going to the beach, spending time with my friends and family and anything new. I love my two cats named Elvis and Jerry Lee, eating chocolate and enjoy a great coffee. I dislike driving, feet, butter, vegemite and peanut butter” (Madison Sutton)

“My name is Simon and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education Prep-Year 12 course at Victoria University. I have previously completed a Diploma of Fitness (2007-2009) and a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation. I enjoy sport, games, extreme sports, reading and music. I am a gym instructor, lifeguard, personal trainer, spin instructor and work at after school care. I have two dogs, two cats, chickens and a crocodile as pets” (Simon Boxall)


What would you like to know about our student teachers?


What did you find interesting?

16 thoughts on “Meet our student teachers

  1. Hi This is Grade 2c. How is your new term going? What are you finding out about? We are learning about mini-beasts and we love it. Please answer us. From 2c

    • Hi Tom

      No the crocodile will be really messy in the house so he did live in the dam. But that was years ago.

  2. Dear 2C and Mrs Hensby
    Thank you for looking at our blog. Our new term is going great because we are learning all about dinosaurs. We have been learning about alliterations and yesterday afternoon Grade 1C did a dinosaur hunt with Mr Boxall. We found lots of dinosaur paws. Grade 1B created their own dinosaur with Miss Sutton. We will add these to the blog soon. We would like to know what a mini beast is? What sort of mini beasts have you learnt about so far?
    From Grade 1B and 1C

    • Hi Charli

      No I didn’t pat my crocxodile. He was very small and really nippy around the dam.

      Thanks Mr Boxall

    • Hi Kyah,

      Thank you for commenting on this post. Sometimes I eat my toast with nothing on it but I love jam!
      When I smell peanut butter I always feel sick unfortunately.

      From Miss Sutton

  3. Dear Miss Sutton,i found it interesting that you don’t like vegemite,i like vegemite on my toast.what do you like? i dont like mandarin’s.

    • Hi Tamiah,

      Well done for commenting on the blog! It is interesting how some people love Vegemite and other people do not. I like mandarins too. I enjoy eating lots of foods such as ice-cream, chocolate, fruit, cheese and crackers. What is your favorite food?

      From Miss Sutton

    • Hi Elise

      My crocodiles name was Mckinnon (after Townsville Crocs player Sam Mckinnon)
      Great question Elise

      Mr Boxall

    • Hi Luka
      My crocodiles name was Mckinnon (after Townsville Crocs player Sam Mckinnon)
      Great question Luka, what animals do you have?

      Mr Boxall

    • Hi Mia,

      Great to see you have left a comment! I have my toast with jam and sometimes just plain nothing. What do you usually eat for breakfast? I always try to eat a big healthy breakfast in the mornings to start my day! My cats Elvis and Jerrylee are fantastic. They are very naughty cats but also very clever. When I throw a toy mouse Jerrylee brings it back like a dog. It always makes me laugh!

      From Miss Sutton

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