What happened to the dinosaurs?


Last week the children were asked to think about what they wanted to find out about dinosaurs. I think almost all children asked something in relation to what happened to the dinosaurs or how did they die?

Other common questions included:

What was the biggest/smallest dinosaur?

Which dinosaur was the most powerful?

How many dinosaurs were there?

Where did the dinosaurs live?

How did they protect their babies?

What did they eat?

How did the dinosaurs get their names?

What were the different periods like?

When did the dinosaurs live?

Come in and see our Dinosaur Footprint Wonderings!

Hopefully during the term we will be able to answer all of these questions.

You might already know the answer to some of them.

Can you already answer any of these questions?

One thought on “What happened to the dinosaurs?

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen

    Some dinosaurs ate meat. Some dinosaurs ate plants. I don’t know if some ate both. Do you know the answer to this? If I had a dinosaur I would name it Katiesaurus! I would even let her come inside for dinner and sit at the table with a very big chair and a very big bowl. I wish I could fly like a pterodactyl, but I would rather be a human.

    From Grace R

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