Walk with the Dinosaurs

dino walk


This week Grade 1 children will be visiting the Melbourne Museum. We are going to be looking at lots of different exhibits that will complement all of the things we have been learning in class. We are also going to be looking at the Bug Exhibit in readiness for next term.

The part I think the children are most looking forward to though is the ‘Dinosaur Walk’. Here they will be able to duck beneath the belly of a massive Mamenchisaurus and contemplate the speed of the small and agile Hypsilophodon. Walk up high to where the flying reptiles soar and imagine Quetzalcoatlus swooping for prey.

Before visiting the museum the children should visit the website and take a virtual tour of this amazing exhibit.


Explore this website, meet the skeletons and learn amazing facts about these prehistoric animals.  Access the education resources and have some prehistoric fun playing the activities.

What did you learn while exploring this website?