Jump Rope for Heart

Today we were lucky enough to have a skipping demonstration by State champions. The children who performed were from Hesket Primary School and were from grade 2 all the way up to grade 6. Many of them have been skipping for seven years, while some have only just joined the team.

The tricks they showed us were absolutely amazing.


What was your favourite trick?



3 thoughts on “Jump Rope for Heart

  1. Dear Kai
    I’m glad to hear that you have been practising your skipping. I cant wait to see all the exciting things you can do with a skipping rope. What was your favourite trick from the demonstration? I thought they were all very clever but I loved that they could do a cartwheel and then keep skipping.
    From Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Ms Hunichen and Mrs Hollands
      I agree with you Ms Hunichen, it is amazing how they can do the handstands, cartwheels and so on at the same time as skipping. Imagine how fit they would have to be to be able to train for so long. Last week the grade sixes were told to try and skip for thirty seconds, should have seen some of us. Hilarious!

      Jack M

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