Melbourne Museum

On Wednesday the 25th of May 2011, Grade 1A, 1B and 1C went on a bus to go to the Melbourne Museum. The bus was so noisy because the children were so excited about getting there!

The Melbourne Museum explores life in Victoria, from our natural environment to our culture and history. Located in Carlton Gardens, the award-winning Melbourne Museum houses a permanent collection in eight galleries, including one just for children.

First we had snack just outside the Museum entrance doors then we walked inside. The first skeleton we saw what the blue whale. It was gigantic. Did you know the blue whale skeleton is 20.5 metres long?

We then had our first toilet stop and split into our groups led by teachers and parent helpers.We then were lucky enough to go and see the dinosaur skeletons. There were so many to look at. The Dinosaur Walk exhibition at Melbourne Museum brings dinosaurs and other ancient animals to life. Children were able to duck beneath the belly of a massive Mamenchisaurus and contemplate the speed of the small and agile Hypsilophodon. They were able to walk up high to where the flying reptiles soar and imagine Quetzalcoatlus swooping for prey.

After wandering around the dinosaur walk, we then went and had an education session. We got to look at fossils with magnifying glasses. I loved this! We discovered how dinosaurs lived and ate. The children became junior palaeontologists for 30 minutes.

We were starting to feel very hungry so we got to eat lunch outside in the park. The playground was awesome!

Then it was time to go back inside and look at the Bugs Alive, 600 million years ago and Dynamic Earth exhibitions. Children loved looking at the many insects especially the live tarantulas! One last toilet stop and it was back onto the bus! You know you have had a great day when children fall asleep on the bus! Thankyou to all our parents helpers! It was a terrific excursion!

Written by Sam, Thomas, Sarah and Olivia H.




What was your favourite part

of the museum?


What did you learn

at the museum?