Triassic Dinosaurs

Last week the children became experts on the dinosuars from the Triassic period. The children worked in partners to research their given dinosaur. They were required to read the information given to them and to find out different things about their dinosaur. They then filled in the boxes with the correct information. Their projects have come up really well for a first attempt and we look forward to seeing them improve as we learn about the two remaining periods.

Ask your child about the dinosaur that they researched and what they learnt about it.



What was your favourite thing

about working on your project?

What did you find difficult?

3 thoughts on “Triassic Dinosaurs

  1. My favourite thing was learning about a new dinosaur. I like learning about the different periods that the dinosaurs lived in. I think some dinosaur names are hard to spell and read.

  2. Dear Mrs Hollands and Miss Hunichen, my favourite triassic dinosaur is coeiophysis, but my first favourite dinosaur lives in the cretaceous. It was called velociraptor. What is your favourite triassic dinosaur?

    • Hello Lachlan,
      So great to see you on the blog! We love seeing new comments on here! Coelophysis looked like an interesting dinosaur. Did you know that Coelophysis only had three fingers on each hand. It looks like he had four but that it is actually just a piece of skin! Velociraptor is one of my favourite’s from the cretaceous- I do also like Triceratops. I think the hole on his head. My favourite dinosaur from the triassic period was the Agrosaurus because it was the very first dinosaur that was discovered in Australia. What dinosaur is your favourite from the Jurassic?
      Mrs Hollands

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