Layers Week


This week at New Gisborne Primary School it is Layers Week.

We have been running Layers Week since 2005 in a bid to encourage children to rug up and save energy.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 1st June) you are asked to rug up in all your layers. There were be a parade of ‘layered’ children in the gym at recess.

Also as part of Layers week you are invited to particpate in two competitions.

The first competition is for you to draw a picture of yourself keeping warm on cold winters days at school. Your picture must be on A4 size paper. See Miss Hunichen or Mrs Hollands if you need some.

The second competition is for you to guess the teachers under all their layers. To do this you need to click on the link below and visit the sustainability blog.

On Thursday morning Ms Preaudet and Mrs Walker will be running a whole school brain gym session down in the gym. We can’t wait to participate!


What do you like/not like about Winter?

What’s your favourite food to keep you warm in Winter?

5 thoughts on “Layers Week

  1. I have a cough today and I am rugging up at home. My favorite winter food is my Dad’s pumpkin soup. I also like the frost it looks like snow and I like oranges. From Kai

  2. Wow Kai, I’m so glad to see you doing something educational while you are at home sick. We have a couple of people away today and Jesse and Lachlan have been sick too. I hope that you feel better soon.
    I love pumpkin soup too, my stepdad makes it for me! There was lots of frost in the paddocks near school today it looked beautiful. I still think i prefer summer though, I dont like being cold 🙁
    I m going to put up a dinosaur website on the blog that has sme fun games, maybe that will keep you busy.
    See you soon
    Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear Miss H, Gloves keep me warm and my jacket, I am going to Ireland soon with my mum and it will be Summer there and winter here, I will have to sleep on the plane because it is a very long flight but I can watch movies and play games and walk around and look out the window. once I was allowed to go in the front of the plane where the pilots fly the plane, they showed me all the controls they used. Have you ever been on a plane ?

    From Luka

  4. Hi Luka
    What a fantastic comment. I love my scarf most in winter. I think I need to get a new jacket for yard duty this year, I would like a pink or purple one I think. You are very lucky to be going to Ireland. What is their summer weather like? Is it as warm as here? I am going to Bali in the holidays and am looking forward to the hot weather. I have been on a plane before but definatley not for as long as your going to be on one. Planes make me feel sick so I am not looking forward to the plane to Bali. I cant wait to hear all about your holiday.
    Miss Hunichen

  5. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I stayed home today because I had knits i’m sure you new that.
    I am building a 2 story house & we are moving in tommorow.
    We are sleeping their on Sunday.
    Love Mia.

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