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Its time to hop on to the Jump Rope for Heart website and register to start raising money for the Heart Foundation.

You can win some amazing prizes and all of the money goes towards a great cause.

So click on the link below and get skipping! Once on the website click ‘2011 Kids Join Now’



What tricks can you do with a skipping rope?

4 thoughts on “Sign Up Now!

  1. To grade 1B and Miss Hunichen I can do the bell , skier and I can cross my feet over and skip I have been teaching mum to do them from Amelia .

  2. To Mrs Hollands I watched the skipping it was amazing. I liked the skipping it was cool but I can’t do any of the tricks. I can do the bell, the skier and lots of other tricks. From Charli

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen and class, I like the skipping. I especially like the crossovers, flips and double dutch. I want to learn to skip like them to help the heart foundation. Maybe if we practiced hard, we could do a performance to fun, happy music with colorful costumes!

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