Early Holidays

To all the wonderful children in Grade 1B and 1C

Unfortunately there will be no school tomorrow or Friday because of the fire in the art room on Tuesday night. Our classroom is all ok and all of your things are safe.
We will find some time early next term for you to complete your excellent dinosaur projects and so that you can watch the last episode of Walking with Dinosaurs.

Mrs Hollands and I hope that all of the children with chicken pox get better very soon and that those of you who haven’t had them stay well over the holidays and thatt you don’t get them.

We also hope that you all have a lovely and safe holiday and we will be very much looking forward to finally seeing you all again after the break. Mrs Hollands is looking forward to her holiday to America while Miss Hunichen will be enjoying the sunshine in Bali with Mrs McConville.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment

 to tell us what you are doing on the holidays.


School is back on the 18th of July and that weekend a fun run is being held to raise money for our new Art Room. We hope you will all join us.

fun run


Dance Mat Typing

Hi Grade ones

Mrs Hollands and I thought you might like to practise some of your keyboard skills over the holidays. Dance Mat Typing is a great place to practise. It teaches you where to put your fingers and before you know it you will be able to touch type without looking at your fingers!

You can access the website by clicking the link below. Start at Level 1 and see how far you can get. 


dance mat


What did you learn about touch typing?


Where should your thumbs be placed?

It’s a Jolly Jump Off Day!

Last Friday the 24th of June, the children at New Gisborne Primary School participated in a ‘Jump off’ day as part of the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser.

The children over the past term have been learning how to skip during P.E sessions and we have been impressed with the amount of children coming to school with their own skipping ropes, practicing every chance they have.

The Jump off day was held in the gymnasium and was set up as a circuit. We rotated around eight different skipping related activities. They included hoop skipping, an obstacle course, colouring in the skipping boy/girl, individual speed skipping, long rope skipping, trick skipping and jumping activities.

Mrs Hollands and Miss Hunichen also showed off their skills to the children! Mr Goodyear did a wonderful job in organising the day and we thank him heaps!

Well done to all who have raised money for the Heart Foundation. So far, N.G.P.S have raised over $5000.00. Keep up the terrific skipping!

What was your favourite part of Jump Off Day?


How much money did you raise?

Dinosaur Family Trees

Last week we started learning about the two main groups of dinosaurs. Some of the dinosaurs were Lizard Hipped and some of them were Bird Hipped.

The Lizard Hipped dinosaurs were all meat eaters while the Bird Hipped Dinosaurs were all either plant eaters or omnivores.

The Lizard Hipped Dinosaurs were broken into three groups: Theropods, Prosauropds and Sauropods.

The Bird Hipped dinosaurs were broken into 5 different groups: Stegosaurs, Ankylosaurs, Ornithopods, Ceratopsians and Pachycephalosaurs.

This week we completed our Dinosaur Family Trees by looking at the characteristics of each group.



Can you share the different charcteristics of

each group with a family member or friend?


What is an omnivore?

Project Research

Dear Dinosaur Investigators,

This week you chose the dinosaur that you wanted to research and you began working on your borders. Weren’t those pieces of paper huge? They were hard to fit on the table. You made your headings using WordArt in the computer lab and we will stick those on next week.

Next week Mrs Hollands and I will also be giving you some information on your dinosaur. For those very clever children we thought you might like to start researching your own information.

Here are some websites which will help you find some information.




Let us know if you find a good website so we can share it with the rest of the grade!

Good Luck with your research!

Miss Hunichen and Mrs Hollands

Great Maths Practice


As I was looking for Maths games on chance last night, I came across this excellent maths website.


We are going to use it in computers today to practise chance and probability.


You can use it to practise so many other maths skills though.


It is a great website to explore.

When the page loads, click on Grade 1.




What games have you used from this website?


What do you think of the website?


Note to Parents: We have discovered that to have full access to this site we need to purchase a membership. Before we do this we are going to complete a 30 day trial. Today your child was sent home with a letter that contains their username and password. Please make the most of this 30 day trial.

What is the chance?

Today Grade 1B and 1C learnt all about chance words. We grouped them under the following headings:

Will Happen          Might Happen                Can’t Happen

certainly                                           possible                                                       never

always                                              perhaps                                                   impossible

                                                            likely                                                        false/fake


                  very likely                                                            not likely

                                                                                                highly unlikely


Can you think of an event that is impossible?


Can you think of something that is certain?

Cretaceous Dinosaurs

The children are now project experts! They are able to read information on their chosen dinosaur and can classify the information under the correct headings.

 They are very much looking forward to beginning their own projects. Before we do however they had one last practise with a partner. This time they researched a dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period.


Children: Who did you work with this time?



What did you learn about your dinosaur?


Parents: Have you learnt something from our projects?