Dinosaur Games

Today in computers the children learnt how to key in a website address. They listened very carefully to the instructions and made sure they typed each letter correctly. They didn’t want to miss out on the amazing ‘Dinosuar Games’ Miss Hunichen had told them about!

They all said they would love to be able to play these games at home and keep learning about dinosaurs so here is the website:


Once on the website click on Dino Games and then choose from the amazing games on offer!

dino website











What game did you like the most? Why?


What did you learn about dinosaurs?

6 thoughts on “Dinosaur Games

  1. Dear Ms Hunichen

    I really liked playing the dinosaur games to day at school. My favourite game is Dino Hangman.


    • Hi Ethan
      I’m glad you enjoyed the dinosaur games. I learnt lots of new information and even came across some dinosaurs I had never heard of. I think I like the hangman game best too.
      I will be posting some websites for spelling games soon.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear Mrs Hollands
    Kids Dino games were great! My favourite game was Hangman. I thought tarbosaurus was T-Rex in Hangman. I also played the Memory game.
    From Thomas

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I played the dino games it was fun.
    My favourite game was Make a Dinosaur.
    I made a Stegosaurus because it is my favourite dinosaur out of the Juassic Period.
    Love Mia.

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