Cretaceous Dinosaurs

The children are now project experts! They are able to read information on their chosen dinosaur and can classify the information under the correct headings.

 They are very much looking forward to beginning their own projects. Before we do however they had one last practise with a partner. This time they researched a dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period.


Children: Who did you work with this time?



What did you learn about your dinosaur?


Parents: Have you learnt something from our projects?

Jurassic Dinosaurs

After completing great projects on the Triassic dinosaurs the children were keen to improve their reseasrching and presentation skills.

This time it was the Jurassic dinosaurs that we were investigating. The children were paired up with new partners and they couldn’t wait to start.

They have improved their reading skills and have worked hard on their bubble writing.

Have a look and see what you think! 

What did you learn about your dinosaur this time?


Parents: What do you think of our projects?