What is the chance?

Today Grade 1B and 1C learnt all about chance words. We grouped them under the following headings:

Will Happen          Might Happen                Can’t Happen

certainly                                           possible                                                       never

always                                              perhaps                                                   impossible

                                                            likely                                                        false/fake


                  very likely                                                            not likely

                                                                                                highly unlikely


Can you think of an event that is impossible?


Can you think of something that is certain?

18 thoughts on “What is the chance?

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I think it is impossible for humans to fly.
    It is certain that we get wet in the shower and bath.
    From Mia.

    • Dear Mia
      These are great events. I think it would be impossible not to get wet in the shower or the bath, and if you did I don’t think you would get very clean!!
      Well done for being the first to comment on this post, you must have done it as soon as you got home.
      I wonder if you can think of an event that is highly unlikely but not impossible??
      Miss Hunichen

  2. I’m sorry Ms Hunichen and Mrs Hollands, but I can’t resist replying.
    I think it is impossible for the Kangaroos or the Bombers to make the Finals this year.
    I think it is certain that I will fall asleep tonight.
    regards Mr Rogers.

    • Well aren’t you funny Mr Rogers…. I think it is impossible that Richmond will be in the grand final this year. I think its highly likely that the New Gisborne Possums teachers team will be in the grand final in two weeks though!!

  3. Hi Mrs Hunichen and Mrs Hollands,
    I think it is certain that I will go to bed tonight.
    I also think it is highly unlikley that my dog will be dry when I get home- that’s how much rain we’re having!
    Sophie, 5B

    • Hi Holly,
      Well done on your chance sentences. It would be funny to see shoes fly but I do think this is impossible. It is certain that I will go to bed tonight and possible that I will have a little sleep in!
      See you Tuesday.
      Mrs Hollands

  4. Dear Mrs Thorburn and wonderful children
    Thank You so much for all of your impossible and certain events. I loved reading them all. I think it would be fun if our classrooms could fly though. Imagine all of the wonderful places we would be able to visit.
    From Miss Hunichen, Mrs Hollands and 1B and 1C

  5. dear miss hunichen
    its certain that there was a fire in the art room and smoke damage to the other rooms close by
    from mikayla

    ps I hope miss cairney is not too upset

    • Dear Mikayla,
      Unfortunately you are correct, there was a fire in the art room and there will be some smoke and water damage to the classrooms near by. I m sure Mrs Cairney would love to hear about how sorry you are and what you liked best about art. Maybe you could write her a comment on the art blog.
      Miss Hunichen

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