Great Maths Practice


As I was looking for Maths games on chance last night, I came across this excellent maths website.


We are going to use it in computers today to practise chance and probability.


You can use it to practise so many other maths skills though.


It is a great website to explore.

When the page loads, click on Grade 1.


What games have you used from this website?


What do you think of the website?


Note to Parents: We have discovered that to have full access to this site we need to purchase a membership. Before we do this we are going to complete a 30 day trial. Today your child was sent home with a letter that contains their username and password. Please make the most of this 30 day trial.

7 thoughts on “Great Maths Practice

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I have been on the IXL website tonight after school. I have eight prize squares and three medals. I had great fun on this website.
    Lachlan C

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,

    I have been on the IXL website twice over the past two days and have really enjoyed unlocking the prize squares.


  3. Dear Miss Hunichen
    I have played the maths games 3 times now and I like getting prizes. I have played the plus sum game and the game with the marbles in it.
    From Ethan

  4. I have got 6 Medals in The IXL games, and it was very Fun .I have played 6 games on one nights.and my favourite game is the tallest and shortest .
    from taylah

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