Dinosaur Family Trees

Last week we started learning about the two main groups of dinosaurs. Some of the dinosaurs were Lizard Hipped and some of them were Bird Hipped.

The Lizard Hipped dinosaurs were all meat eaters while the Bird Hipped Dinosaurs were all either plant eaters or omnivores.

The Lizard Hipped Dinosaurs were broken into three groups: Theropods, Prosauropds and Sauropods.

The Bird Hipped dinosaurs were broken into 5 different groups: Stegosaurs, Ankylosaurs, Ornithopods, Ceratopsians and Pachycephalosaurs.

This week we completed our Dinosaur Family Trees by looking at the characteristics of each group.



Can you share the different charcteristics of

each group with a family member or friend?


What is an omnivore?

10 thoughts on “Dinosaur Family Trees

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I know what an Omnivore is, it eats plants and meat.
    I have been watching the Walking With Dinosaurs video at home. My favourite part is when a big water carnivore eats another water dinosaur. The big water carnivore is bigger than the Spinosaurus.
    I have also learnt that a boy Ornithocheirus has a crest on the end of its beak to impress girls. The girls do not have the crests!!

    • Dear Ethan
      I am glad that you seem to be enjoying our unit of work on dinosaurs so much. What have you liked doing the most? I have really enjoyed learning about all of the differnt dinosaur groups, I learnt lots of new things. If you check out Mrs Thorburns blog her children are learning about dinosaurs too. They have written a post on what they know about T-Rex. I bet you could write them a comment telling them other information about T-Rex!
      Miss Hunichen

  2. i miss luka so much. i hope he is having fun, I wish I was with Luka and i wish i saw his cousins. And if i went there I wish i saw his hotel. and I wish he was back from his holiday in Ireland and I wish he was back at school. from kai

  3. Dear miss hunichen,
    Thank you for replying, I was waiting for your reply. I am enjoying doing my project on the Stegosaurus the most!
    I am home with the chicken pox, I have spots all over my back and on my neck!
    I hope to be back at school early next week.

    • Dear Ethan
      I’m sorry to hear that you have chicken pox, Mrs Hollands has at least 5 children in her grade with them so you are not alone. I hope you are not too itchy. I hope you can work on some of you project at home and then next week when you come back to school there will be time for you to put it all together. Did you visit Mrs Thorburns blog? We looked at it today in class and talked about the things they knew about T-Rex and the things we knew about T-Rex. Everyone seems to have learnt lots of new facts.
      Look after yourself and we hope to see you next week.
      Miss Hunichen, Mrs Hollands and 1B and 1C

  4. Dear Ms Hunichen
    I am very itchy, more spots just keep coming!! I have finished all of my grey lead writing for my project and now I am going to write it in texta. I haven’t looked at Mrs Thorburns blog yet.

    • Oh Ethan,
      You poor thing. I m sorry to hear that your spots just keep coming. Tamiah, Mia and we think Grace R all have chicken pox too. I hope everyone is better for the school holidays.
      I am looking forward to seeing your project. Once you have gone over the writing in texta you can colour in the boxes lightly with coloured pencil and cut them out. You can also cut out the pictures you want to use for your project.
      Hope to see you soon.
      Miss Hunichen

  5. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I have the chicken pox.
    My mum was putting me in the bath and all of the suddon mum saw red spots on me.
    From Mia.

    • Hello Mia darling,
      I m so sorry to hear that you have the chicken pox too. Hopefully you dont get too many spots and that they aren’t too itchy.
      I think Grace R has them too, she had some suspicious spots after school today. Hopefully none of you will have them over the school holidays. Take care over the weekend and we hope to see you before the end of the term.
      Miss Hunichen
      PS Kylie if you would like to come in and pick up Mia’s project so she can finish it at home that would be great.

  6. Hi Kai I will see you soon, I have a Leprechaun for you,I caught it in the field behind my nans house’, I am going to a fun fair with my cousins tomorrow , I built a hideout with my cousins. its lots of fun…..Luka

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