Early Holidays

To all the wonderful children in Grade 1B and 1C

Unfortunately there will be no school tomorrow or Friday because of the fire in the art room on Tuesday night. Our classroom is all ok and all of your things are safe.
We will find some time early next term for you to complete your excellent dinosaur projects and so that you can watch the last episode of Walking with Dinosaurs.

Mrs Hollands and I hope that all of the children with chicken pox get better very soon and that those of you who haven’t had them stay well over the holidays and thatt you don’t get them.

We also hope that you all have a lovely and safe holiday and we will be very much looking forward to finally seeing you all again after the break. Mrs Hollands is looking forward to her holiday to America while Miss Hunichen will be enjoying the sunshine in Bali with Mrs McConville.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment

 to tell us what you are doing on the holidays.


School is back on the 18th of July and that weekend a fun run is being held to raise money for our new Art Room. We hope you will all join us.

fun run