Early Holidays

To all the wonderful children in Grade 1B and 1C

Unfortunately there will be no school tomorrow or Friday because of the fire in the art room on Tuesday night. Our classroom is all ok and all of your things are safe.
We will find some time early next term for you to complete your excellent dinosaur projects and so that you can watch the last episode of Walking with Dinosaurs.

Mrs Hollands and I hope that all of the children with chicken pox get better very soon and that those of you who haven’t had them stay well over the holidays and thatt you don’t get them.

We also hope that you all have a lovely and safe holiday and we will be very much looking forward to finally seeing you all again after the break. Mrs Hollands is looking forward to her holiday to America while Miss Hunichen will be enjoying the sunshine in Bali with Mrs McConville.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment

 to tell us what you are doing on the holidays.


School is back on the 18th of July and that weekend a fun run is being held to raise money for our new Art Room. We hope you will all join us.

fun run


23 thoughts on “Early Holidays

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    Isn’t it terrible about the fire.
    I hope you and Mrs Mc Conville have a nice holiday in Bali.
    My chicken pox has all gone so I should have a good holiday.
    From Mia.

    • Dear Mia
      The fire was rettible, although we are very lucky that no one was hurt and that no other classrooms were damaged. Mrs Cairney is looking forward to all of you recreating all the wonderful masterpieces that have been lost and she cant wait to hear about all of your great memories in the art room.
      I’m glad of your chicken pox have gone and that you are feeling better. I hope you and Kade enjoy the school hoidays and I look forward to seeing you soon.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Life’s good for the grade 1 teachers, burn down the school & then go on a fancy holiday!!!! JOKES!!! Have a ball ladies!!! regards Jo
    Luke says also to have a nice holiday!!! Don’t forget to bring me back a big pressie!!!!! Jokes again!!!!
    Be safe & have a great time!!! See u next term, maybe with a tan……
    From Luke & Jo

    • Dear Luke
      Did you see your brother on the channel ten news last night? Miss Hunichen was on the channel seven news story. What do you have planned for your holidays?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear Mrs Hollands
    Isn’t the fire awful,we went past the school and I felt very sad. Mrs Cairney will be sad as well. It’s good that it wasn’t a bigger fire. I hope you have lots of fun in America.
    From Thomas

    • Hi Thomas,
      The fire is awful darling but we are very happy that the cleaner called the fire brigade so quickly and they were able to control it early. It is terrible but next term we will have a new art room and you will be able to make lots and lots of even more beautiful artwork. We are so glad nobody was hurt. Happy holidays to you and your family.
      Mrs Hollands

  4. Dear Mrs Hollands and Miss Hunichen,
    My Chicken Pox is starting to get better. I am looking forward to finishing my dinosaur project next term. We hope you have a lovely holiday.
    From Jack

  5. Dear Mrs Hollands and Miss Hunichen,
    Charlie, Jack and I are very relieved that your classrooms are okay. Thank you for reassuring them and letting them know that their things are safe.
    From Michelle B

    • Dear Michelle
      I m glad the boys found our blog post reassuring. If either of them have any other questions then dont hesitate to post them on here and we will do our best to answer.
      Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Michelle and boys,
      Glad that the boys are relieved! Our classrooms are certainly safe and as soon as we get back, Jack will be working on finishing his dino project. I hope Jack gets better soon- hopefully the chicken pox epidemic will be over by the time we all get back. Happy holidays.
      Mrs Hollands

  6. We hope you enjoy your holidays!
    Emily will be having some semi quite time at home to get some r&r, although with wirlwind Bryce this could prove to be tricky!
    Hopefully she will be able to go to the movies, a day at Jets to be a mini masterchef, play with some friends and lots of family birthdays to attend.
    Take care and see you next term.

    • Hi Jodie
      Sounds like Emily is going to have a great holiday. Being a mini masterchef sounds very exciting. I look forward to hearing all about it when school goes back.
      Miss Hunichen

  7. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I’m sad about the artroom but happy our room is ok.
    I hope you have a lovely holiday. Next week I am going to Echuca for a holiday and in the second week I’m going to stay at my cousins house for a week.
    from Grace D

    • Hi Grace
      I’m glad to hear from you. Yes it is very sad to see the art room the way it is now but we are very lucky there was no one in the art room at the time and that the clearner called the fire brigade so quickly. Our classroom is all ok, Mrs Hollands and I were there today moving some furniture. We also did some planning today and have found some time to watch the last Walking with Dinosaurs episode and also The Land Before Time movie.
      Echuca is a lovely place for a holiday and I m sure you will have a great time playing with your cousins.
      Look forward to seeing you after the holidays.
      Miss Hunichen

  8. Hi everyone, I heard from my dad about the art room, its sad, I suppose we will get a new room, I am still having lots of fun in Ireland, I really like playing with my cousins, mum is taking us to a fun fair tomorrow and we are all going for dinner to celebrate my new cousin Chloe she is 6 weeks old. I am missing all my friends and wonder what you are doing, hows your chicken pox Ethan, is it itchy hello to Nicky, Kai and Will. ………………….bye from Luka in Ireland see you soon

    • Hi Luka
      I’m sorry I didnt get a chance to share your last comment and video with the class. I had planned to do it on Wednesday but then we weren’t at school. Unfortunately your daddy is correct but you are right we are getting a temporary art room over the holidays until they are able to build a new one. Mrs Cairney is busy organising for new supplies and lots of people are being kind and donating things. Before you know it we will all be creating wonderful new pieces of artwork.
      It sounds like you have been having a great time with your family and we cant wait to see all the photos. I would especially like to see photos of the wedding and I think Mrs Hollands would too. All of your friends except will have been sick. Ethan was back at school in the last week all better from his chicken pox but then Kai had them and we think Nicky got them too. Once you get back they will be all better and read to play.
      We look forward to seeing you after the holidays.
      From Everyone

    • Hi Luka
      Mum took me to see the art room and all the windows were broken and black from the fire.I went to swimming today and played fun games because it was the last lesson for the term. Kai and I went to soccer yesterday and I was goalie for the green team. Next week I’m going to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda 2. It sounds like your having good fun with your cousins in Ireland. I’ll see you when you get back.
      From Lachlan

  9. Dear Ms Hunichen
    I was very sad that the art room got burnt down.
    We went to see Transformers 3 in 3D on Saturday and it was very cool. In the movie there was optimus prime, sentinel prime, bumblebee, ironhide, megatron, shockwave, starscream and ratchet. Today my cousin Mia came to play for the whole afternoon which was lots of fun. We might go and see Cars 2 later in the week.
    Have a great time in Bali Ms Hunichen.
    From Ethan

    • Dear Ethan
      It sounds like you are having a great holiday. Going to the movies is always a popular event, I wonder what some of the other children have been to see. I would love to see Cars 2, i think it would be very funny.
      Mrs McConville and I arrived in Bali late last night. The plane ride wasnt very much fun and I got very bored, I think Mrs McConville got sick of me! The weather in Bali is beautiful and we are going to do some tours and lots of sitting by the pool.
      I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays.
      Love From Miss Hunichen

  10. Hi Ms Hunichen I am having a good holiday. The boat ride was rocking with the big waves and i didnt sleep that well. We are now at Cradle Mountain playing in the snow having a great time.

    • Hi Wil
      I didnt know you were going on a boat to Tassie, that sounds like an exciting adventure. How long were you on the boat for? Mrs McConville and I were on the plane for 8 hours yesterday. First we flew to Brisbane and the flight made me feel very sick. Then we flew for Brisbane to Bali, we were on the plane for six hours and I got very bored and uncomfortable. The weather here is beautiful though and we are going to do some fun tours.
      Look forward to hearing from you again
      Miss Hunichen

  11. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    The boat ride took 10 1/2 hours. The boat was called The Spirit of Tasmania II. We have seen 1 Tasmanian devil and 2 Walabies in the snow. We saw a car slip down the mountain in the snow and we couldnt get out straight away because of how much snow there was. Now we are in Hobart on the harbour and our hotel room looks over the police boat. We also
    went to the Cabury factory today and they told us all about how they make the choclate. I hope you are having a great holiday in Bali with Mrs. McConville.

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