Miss Hunichen arrives in Bali

Hi everyone,

Late last night Mrs McConville and I arrived here in Bali. I was so grateful to finally get there. I did not like the travelling one little bit. The plane ride from Melbourne to Brisbane was very bumby and it made me feel very sick, the landing was very very rough. Then we had some time in Brisbane to get something to eat before getting back on the plane for another six hours. I was very nervous about getting sick again but this flight was much smoother, it was just very very long. I slept for a little bit and watched some tv on my laptop while Mrs McConville read her book and played games on her new Ipad.

We finally arrived in Bali about 11:30 Melbourne time although it was only 9:30 in Bali. I was very grateful to get to the hotel and I felk asleep as soon as I lay down. After a good nights sleep I felt much better and was ready to have a proper look around. The hotel we are staying at is beautiful and I am looking forward to swimming in their lovely pools.

Today we looked around Kuta. There are certainly lots of places to shop and Mrs McConville and I are already trying to decide what to spend our money on. We both got a foot massage and our toenails painted today, mine are purple and Mrs McConville’s are pink. We have booked some tours for the next few days and are going to go the the water theme park. You can have a look at this theme park by clicking the blue link:


 I hope you are all enjoying your holidays.


What have you been doing on your holidays?