Waterbom Park

Well Mrs McConville and I have had a busy few days. The weather has continued to be nice and warm although the days have started off a little cloudy.

Yesterday we went to Waterbom Park, it’s a little bit like Wet ‘n Wild in Queensland. There were nine different rides to try and Mrs McConville warned me that some of them were a bit scary. We went on the Boomerang slide first and then on the Superbowl ride (you ll see these in the photos). We had to climb a lot of stairs to get to the top of them and we had to carry a raft up with us too! Both of these rides were lots of fun.

Next we headed over to the Waterslide Tower, there were five or six rides at the top of the tower, you just had to make sure you had the right mat or tube to go down on. In this tower we liked the Macaroni Ride best and ended up going on it twice. It had some very dark tunnels and was a little bit scary but also lots of fun. We didn’t like the race track ride because you got lots of water up your nose!

After all the rides at the waterslide tower we had a bit of a rest. Mrs McConville wanted to show me the Climax ride, it was the only one we hadn’t been on yet and I was a bit scared. We sat and watched some other people do it, you had to walk all the way to the top of the tower and then they put you in a capsule at the top. Once the door was closed they counted down and then the floor dropped away making you drop straight down 3 stories before shooting you round a loop and out the end. I decided to try it but I was very scared, my legs were shaking and I felt a bit sick. Once I was in I couldnt get out though and off I went. It was pretty scary but I didn’t even scream. I even went on it again!


Have you been to a water park anywhere?


Do you like waterslides? Why/Why not?