Over the Edge

I have always wanted to bungy jump so I decided that I wasn’t coming home from Bali without doing it. Mrs McConville and I went to look at the big bungy tower in Seminyak on Sunday night. I was scared just watching all the other people do it but I was still determined to give it a go so off I went to book in for the following night!

I dreamt about it that night and was very very nervous bout doing it. We got to the tower just after 6pm on Sunday night.They put a harness on me and I was in the lift on the way to the top. At this stage I was petrified and didnt know if I would be able to do it. Once at the top it was even scarier and I could barely even talk to the guides at the top! They strapped me in ready and told me I had to shuffle to the edge, my feet just didnt want to walk at all.

Standing on the edge was terrifying, I couldnt believe how high up it was. Without looking down I held my arms out and jumped, it was amazing!


Do you think you’d like to try this when you are older?

White water rafting

On Saturday Mrs McConville and I got up early to go white water rafting. It was a long drive to the Ayung river but we got to see lots of villages and things along the way. We drove past lots of rice fields too.

When we got there we got life jackets and helmets and were introduced to our guide. His name was Kobek and he was very funny. To get down to the boats we had to walk down about 300 steps, some of them were very steep and they were a bit slippery.

There were two other people in our boat and they were on their honeymoon. They had come all the way from Holland. We were given all our safety instructions and off we went. We had to do a bit of paddling along the way but when we were going through the rapids we had to hold on tight. It was awesome fun! We saw some amazing scenery along the way and the water was just beautiful!

After our journey ended we had to walk up another 250 steps to get to the restaurant to have lunch, no wonder my legs are so sore today!


Have you been on a boat on a river before?


What other things do you like to do in the water?