Mrs Hollands and her holiday

Hi girls and boys,


Hope your holidays have been fantastic. I am looking forward to coming back to school and seeing all your smiling faces. I have been on holidays for the past two weeks in America and have had such a wonderful time with my family and Mr Hollands. We flew to the USA on Friday the 1st of July in a big jumbo airplane- it was a double decker plane! The plane flight was really long (16 hours) and was glad when we finally got to the USA.


We stayed in L.A for four days and went to Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain ( a huge roller coaster theme park), Hollywood to see the famous peoples stars, shopped at a special place called Rodeo Drive and went to a very pretty beach called Santa Monica. We had lots and lots of fun.


Next we flew to Las Vegas and saw all the beautiful lights and hotels. It was amazing. There was a hotel in the shape of New York, the Eiffel Tower, a castle hotel, a pyramid hotel called the Luxor and a hotel that had a river through it that you could ride special boats called gondolas. We then went and had a look at the Grand Canyon which is steep sided canyon 466 km long. It was breathtaking.


Lastly we went to Hawaii which has beautiful beaches. We hired surfboards and tried to surf the waves of Honolulu. Mr Hollands was awesome but I kept on falling off. We celebrated my 27th birthday with a beautiful dinner and a walk along the beach.

See you all Monday… Love From Mrs Hollands



What have you been doing on your holidays?

What are you looking forward to when you get back to school?