A Warm Welcome

At the start of Term 3 we welcomed 3 new children into our fantastic classrooms. They have settled in well to their new classrooms and routines and are beginning to make some great new friends.

Introducing – Oliver, Chloe and Gilbert



Chloe is 6 and a half years old and will be celebrating her birthday in September. Chloe has come to us all the way from Dubai where she attended Star International School.

Chloe has a little sister Isabel who is four years old.

Chloe likes riding horses and playing games. She likes eating spaghetti bolognaise and wished she didn’t have to eat beans.

She is looking forward to making lots of new friends and is glad that she has a nice teacher.


Gilbert is seven years old and has rcently celebrated his birthday. He has come to us from Macedon Grammar Primary School.

Gilbert has an older brother and he likes having his brother teach him things about bugs. Glilbert also likes going to karate.

His favourite foods are pizza and carrots, and he doesn’t like jam or honey.

Gilbert is looking forward to exploring his new school.


Oliver is six and a half years old and will celebrate his seventh birthday in February next year. Oliver completed his prep year at Essendon North Primary School and half of his grade one year.

Oliver is excited beacuse he has a new baby brother coming. He also has a little brother called Will.

He likes to go skateboarding and likes to eat lots of different sorts of food. Oliver doesn’t like being annoyed.

Oliver is looking forward to playing on all of the great equipment at his new school and feels lucky that he has lots of nice teachers.


Do you have any questions for our new friends?

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