Lights, camera, action!

On the Tuesday the 23rd of August, The Drama Toolbox came to visit the Grade Ones. Each class got to participate in an hour workshop entitled “Minibeasts” with the very wonderful Amy- a skilled drama specialist. With beautiful costumes and delightful music, the children were able to became a minbeast and explore the environment around them. With butterflies, dragaonflies, ladybirds, slaters, spiders, worms and caterpillars, children used dramatic techniques and movement to create a mini beast spectatular. A few notable comments by the children included:

“I loved being a worm because I got to dress up” (Sarah R)

“I liked dressing up like a caterpillar because he ate the leaf” (Jake)

“I liked dressing up and playing the pass the pretend food ant game” (Mikayla)

“I got to dress up as a butchy boy and had to roll up in a ball when the spiders were coming near” (Jesse)

It will only be a matter of time before we see some children being Hollywoood superstars!

What did you dress up as?


What did you like best about the incursion?

The ultimate gadget, the I-Pad!

It was Gadgets Galore on Tuesday the 23rd of August and wow, was it wonderful. We were very lucky to have a special visitor, Simon Shaw, Apple’s K-12 Education Development Executive, come and visit the Grade Prep and One children. Simon is Millie’s dad (Prep A) and was keen to show the children (and teachers alike), the wonderful things Apple I-Pads can do in the classroom. From literacy to numeracy activities, the children learnt heaps and had a ball of fun doing it at the same time! Not only are they easy to use and perfect for little fingers but the number of applications you can download is endless! What a way to support our 21st century learning environment! Hopefully the i-pad fairies will come and give each year level a class set- well we can dream!


What was your favourite thing to do on the Ipad?

Why would you like to have Ipads at school?

Groovers and Shakers

Last Friday the 12th of August was the annual Fancy Dress disco. There was lots of dancing, singing, and a great variety of costumes. From army dudes to little princesses- children danced the night away! The entertainment provided by Bop til you Drop was great. Thank you to the P.A and all the parents helpers who helped out on the night- it was greatly appreciated!

Beetle Projects

Last week the children learnt all about ladybirds. Ladybirds belong to the beetle family and are just one of the many, many different types of beetles.
After learning that there were so many different beetles in this family the children were keen to learn more about some of them. We decided the best way to cover all of this information was to each present a project on a different beetle. The children were given a coloured page of information and told to read it carefully. After it had been read a few times the children were asked to write down four interesting things they had learnt about their beetle.
The children have done an excellent job presenting their information neatly and we hope you enjoy learning all about beetles.


Which beetle is your favourite and why?


Dear Parents of 1B and 1C,
The school’s homework policy is being reviewed and we are asking for feedback re the types of homework which is preferred, the difficulties experienced when children are completing it at home and ways that you assist your child or enforce it to happen. Of course, you are welcome to add other comments if you desire. Please leave a comment to add to the ‘conversation’

Thanking You

Tara Hunichen and Belinda Hollands

The family of addition and subtraction!

Last week, Grade 1B and Grade 1C learnt all about “fact families” in Maths. Fact Families are the key to getting all your addition and subtraction problems right. Generally, the word ‘family’ means certain people are related. Likewise, fact family implies that certain numbers and facts are related- like addition and subtraction. In other words, subtraction is the opposite of addition. We can undo the work of addition by subtracting. This is very important to remember for problem solving.

Look at these numbers

2, 7 and 9

What are the four ways we can put these numbers together?

We get two addition and two subtraction number facts.

2 + 7 = 9          7 + 2 = 9          9 – 7 = 2          9 – 2 = 7

The children last week formed groups of 6. In each group was a whiteboard, 3 cards with numbers on them, one card with an equal sign and another card with a + and – sign. The children had to arrange themselves into the two addition facts and then two subtraction facts. Then they had to record their answers on a whiteboard! Have a look to see how they went!


























Wild Action- the zoo that came to us!

On Thursday the 4th of August, The Grade Ones had a very special visit from Wild Action- the zoo that comes to you!. Wild Action is an interactive program in which the children experienced Australian invertebrate animals like never before! Children developed a ‘new-found’ respect for these less familiar creatures. Children loved the squirming, crawling, scuttling and jumping of the mini beasts shown! Many were brave enough to hold a mini beast and get a photo taken.

During the incursion child learnt lots of information about these creepy crawly animals. Did you know that:

– An invertebrate means no back bone.

– Sea stars (Star fish as lots of us know) vomit up their own stomachs to eat.

– Arthropod is an animal that if it loses a body part, it can grow one back!

– Female and Male spiny leaf insects are very different. Females can’t fly and have really big bottoms where they store their eggs and Males are super skinny and can fly!

– A rhino beetle makes its cocoon from its own poo!

– Myriapod means lots of legs and in Australia millipedes are big, fat and have 200 legs. Very different to the spanish millipedes we see around our homes.

– A blue ringed octopus has 9 brains (one in the head and one on each leg).

What was your favourite part of the incursion?


As you may have aleady realised our IXL maths trial has finished and the children are no longer able to access this site for more than five minutes at a time.

Instead the school has purchased Mathletics and we will be using that with the children. You can access Mathletics by clicking on the link below or under the website for kids tab along the top of the blog home page.

mathletics image

The children will need to click the ‘Sign In’ button in the top right corner. They will then need the log on details that have been sent home with them.

If you have any questions regarding Mathletics leave a comment on this post.

Literacy and Numeracy Week

On the 29th of August – 4th of September is the National Literacy and Numeracy Week. This week aims to highlight the importance of literacy and numeracy skills for all children and young people. Our school this year will give students the opportunity to get involved in a range of literacy and numeracy activities. Activities:

– Teachers will be reading myths and legends at lunchtimes on Fridays.

– Children will be looking at and voting for their favourite book week book.

– On AUGUST 31ST Dressing up in pyjamas for R.I.B.I.T (Reading In Bed Is Terrific) Day. Children will be asked to bring along a blanket and teddy! More info will be in the newsletter.

On SEPTEMBER 2ND Famous illustratior Craig Smith will be visiting the children. Craig has been illustraing books for 30 years and is famous for illustrating books such as the TOO COOL series, CABBAGE PATCH FIB by Paul Jennings, I HATE FRIDAYS and BILLY THE PUNK.

Click on these website for more information: