Wild Action- the zoo that came to us!

On Thursday the 4th of August, The Grade Ones had a very special visit from Wild Action- the zoo that comes to you!. Wild Action is an interactive program in which the children experienced Australian invertebrate animals like never before! Children developed a ‘new-found’ respect for these less familiar creatures. Children loved the squirming, crawling, scuttling and jumping of the mini beasts shown! Many were brave enough to hold a mini beast and get a photo taken.

During the incursion child learnt lots of information about these creepy crawly animals. Did you know that:

– An invertebrate means no back bone.

– Sea stars (Star fish as lots of us know) vomit up their own stomachs to eat.

– Arthropod is an animal that if it loses a body part, it can grow one back!

– Female and Male spiny leaf insects are very different. Females can’t fly and have really big bottoms where they store their eggs and Males are super skinny and can fly!

– A rhino beetle makes its cocoon from its own poo!

– Myriapod means lots of legs and in Australia millipedes are big, fat and have 200 legs. Very different to the spanish millipedes we see around our homes.

– A blue ringed octopus has 9 brains (one in the head and one on each leg).

What was your favourite part of the incursion?