Wild Action- the zoo that came to us!

On Thursday the 4th of August, The Grade Ones had a very special visit from Wild Action- the zoo that comes to you!. Wild Action is an interactive program in which the children experienced Australian invertebrate animals like never before! Children developed a ‘new-found’ respect for these less familiar creatures. Children loved the squirming, crawling, scuttling and jumping of the mini beasts shown! Many were brave enough to hold a mini beast and get a photo taken.

During the incursion child learnt lots of information about these creepy crawly animals. Did you know that:

– An invertebrate means no back bone.

– Sea stars (Star fish as lots of us know) vomit up their own stomachs to eat.

– Arthropod is an animal that if it loses a body part, it can grow one back!

– Female and Male spiny leaf insects are very different. Females can’t fly and have really big bottoms where they store their eggs and Males are super skinny and can fly!

– A rhino beetle makes its cocoon from its own poo!

– Myriapod means lots of legs and in Australia millipedes are big, fat and have 200 legs. Very different to the spanish millipedes we see around our homes.

– A blue ringed octopus has 9 brains (one in the head and one on each leg).

What was your favourite part of the incursion?

5 thoughts on “Wild Action- the zoo that came to us!

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen
    My favorite animal was the stick insects. I learnt the boy stick insect can camouflage himself and the girl stick insect can flick its eggs onto leaves and ants come along and take them away.
    What was your favourite animal?
    From Lachlan C

    • Hi Lachlan
      I thought the stick insects were really interesting too. Amy was full of so much great information. I m glad I wrote some of it down because I dont think I would remember it all. Which of the stick insects could fly? Was it the male one or the female one?
      I also really liked looking at the sea stars. I think its very clever that they can grow new legs. Do you remember what the special name for this was?
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen
    It is the male stick insect that can fly.
    I could not remember what it is called when a star fish grows new legs. So Mum helped me look it up on the computer, it is called regeneration.

    From Lachlan

    • Dear Lachlan
      Well done for researching the name for a starfish that can regrow its legs. We are so lucky that we have the internet these days and can look up information so easily.
      Hope to see you back at school tomorrow
      Miss Hunichen

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