The family of addition and subtraction!

Last week, Grade 1B and Grade 1C learnt all about “fact families” in Maths. Fact Families are the key to getting all your addition and subtraction problems right. Generally, the word ‘family’ means certain people are related. Likewise, fact family implies that certain numbers and facts are related- like addition and subtraction. In other words, subtraction is the opposite of addition. We can undo the work of addition by subtracting. This is very important to remember for problem solving.

Look at these numbers

2, 7 and 9

What are the four ways we can put these numbers together?

We get two addition and two subtraction number facts.

2 + 7 = 9          7 + 2 = 9          9 – 7 = 2          9 – 2 = 7

The children last week formed groups of 6. In each group was a whiteboard, 3 cards with numbers on them, one card with an equal sign and another card with a + and – sign. The children had to arrange themselves into the two addition facts and then two subtraction facts. Then they had to record their answers on a whiteboard! Have a look to see how they went!