Dear Parents of 1B and 1C,
The school’s homework policy is being reviewed and we are asking for feedback re the types of homework which is preferred, the difficulties experienced when children are completing it at home and ways that you assist your child or enforce it to happen. Of course, you are welcome to add other comments if you desire. Please leave a comment to add to the ‘conversation’

Thanking You

Tara Hunichen and Belinda Hollands

7 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Hi Tara and Belinda

    I think the reading homework each night is obviously essential and if it is done at the right time (so kids aren’t too tired) it is a lovely time to spend together. Other tasks set are relatively new to us in grade one so at this stage is a bit of a novelty and we enjoy doing them together. It would be a shame though if homework took up more than 20-30mins each evening. The kids need time to wind down and relax after school so they can attend to other areas of their development (play, family discussion and general mucking about).


  2. Hi Tara and Belinda,

    I’m happy with the reading being the main basis of their homework at this age. I think additional homework should be based on the individual and their needs.. If Grace is behind in any area I would be more than happy to have set tasks to do at home with her to help her improve. An example being the spelling folders..They’re great as it gives me a clear indication of where Grace is at in that regards. She is eager to practice them every night and quite excited when she passes that group of words and receives her reward sticker. After the spelling finishes I would like to see other tests come home too on other areas. So at the moment I think what you are giving the kids works well.
    Thanks/ Claire

  3. To Mrs. Hollands,

    I do my reading 5 nights a week, not on weekends. I like reading the best. My mum and dad help me find information and I read to mum or Georgia. But please don’t give out more homework, I like to play at home.

    • Hi Jake,
      I think it is fantastic that you do 5 nights a week of reading. Weekends are for rest and spending time with your family and friends. Keep up the great work Jake.
      Mrs Hollands

  4. Hi Claire and Anna
    Thank you very much for your valuable comments. It has been great to see the children so interested in their spelling folders and that they are taking the time to practise at home. For children in Grade 1 there are just many incidental things that can be practised at home without worksheets being sent home. These include practising telling the time and reading a calendar. Getting quicker at addition and subtraction problems to 20. Recognisong coins and counting money. And most recently practising groups of and listening to a times table CD.
    I definitely agree that chilcren need time after school to unwind and just play imaginatively on their own or with friends or brothers and sisters as this is also a valuable part of their development.

  5. Hi ladies

    I am more than happy with the level of homework set for the children now and would not like to see it increased. If there is an area where a child could be extended or encouraged to improve then additional homework to that individual child would be beneficial and welcomed.



    • Thanks Helen for your wonderful feedback. I could not agree with you more. I think both Tara and myself believe that we give just the right amount for Grade Ones. With daily reading, studying for the weekly spelling tests and bits and pieces that are sent home for those who need a little bit of extra work, that is plenty. We know that children have lots of extra curricular things to do after school and we couldn’t encourage that more!

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