Beetle Projects

Last week the children learnt all about ladybirds. Ladybirds belong to the beetle family and are just one of the many, many different types of beetles.
After learning that there were so many different beetles in this family the children were keen to learn more about some of them. We decided the best way to cover all of this information was to each present a project on a different beetle. The children were given a coloured page of information and told to read it carefully. After it had been read a few times the children were asked to write down four interesting things they had learnt about their beetle.
The children have done an excellent job presenting their information neatly and we hope you enjoy learning all about beetles.


Which beetle is your favourite and why?

2 thoughts on “Beetle Projects

  1. Hello 1B and 1C. We found it REALLY hard to work out which beetle was our favourite because you made them all look so good! We could see how much time and effort you put into the presentation of your work. They were fantastic and you all should feel very proud of yourselves. In Adelaide many of our beetles are hiding because it has been so cold and wet!
    Keep up the great work.
    From Mrs. Kolenberg and the children in Room 4 at Craigburn Primary School.

  2. Kia ora,

    I like ladybirds the best as they helps keep the aphids under control in the garden. There is a lot of different beetles in Australia. Do you have fireflies?
    I’m not sure if I like any other beetles at all but my favourite insect is a Weta. They are as old as the dinosaurs and are only found in New Zealand.

    Mr Thurlow, Room 2, Burnham School, New Zealand.

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