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  1. Hello Miss Hunichen, Mrs. Holland and the children in Grade 1B and 1C. In room 4 we LOVE Miniscule. We sometimes watch an episode while we are having our fruit in the morning. We have some bugs in our room (spiny leaf insects and crickets) and we watch them all the time. On Friday the male stick insect escaped and we all had to stand very still until we found him hiding under one of the desks! Have fun in your classroom.
    From Mrs. Kolenberg and the children in Room 4 at Craigburn Primary School.

  2. Hi Mrs Kolenberg and Room 4 children
    That’s a great idea to watch one while eating fruit in the morning. Our children are continually asking me when they can watch another one so i might use this time too.
    You ae so very lucky to have stick insects in your classroom. We have had lots of children bring in spiders and other creepy crawlies in in their bug catchers.
    We have learnt so much about insects like the fact that bees cant see the colour red and that ants can carry 50 times their own weight.
    What exciting things have you learnt?
    Miss Hunichen, Mrs Hollands and 1B and 1C
    PS Do you have a blog we can look at?

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