The ultimate gadget, the I-Pad!

It was Gadgets Galore on Tuesday the 23rd of August and wow, was it wonderful. We were very lucky to have a special visitor, Simon Shaw, Appleโ€™s K-12 Education Development Executive, come and visit the Grade Prep and One children. Simon is Millie’s dad (Prep A) and was keen to show the children (and teachers alike), the wonderful things Apple I-Pads can do in the classroom. From literacy to numeracy activities, the children learnt heaps and had a ball of fun doing it at the same time! Not only are they easy to use and perfect for little fingers but the number of applications you can download is endless! What a way to support our 21st century learning environment! Hopefully the i-pad fairies will come and give each year level a class set- well we can dream!


What was your favourite thing to do on the Ipad?

Why would you like to have Ipads at school?

4 thoughts on “The ultimate gadget, the I-Pad!

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I loved playing with the Ipads it was really fun.
    I wish we had Ipads at our school.
    My partner was Ella-Rose.
    Love Mia.

  2. Dear 1B and 1C,
    I think that it is a great idea of doing that questuin is hard but I would say yes that is cool.
    I loved your slidshow, it was fantastic the way you did it.
    Keep the good work up this year.

    From Hannah 2TM ๐Ÿ™‚

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