Lights, camera, action!

On the Tuesday the 23rd of August, The Drama Toolbox came to visit the Grade Ones. Each class got to participate in an hour workshop entitled “Minibeasts” with the very wonderful Amy- a skilled drama specialist. With beautiful costumes and delightful music, the children were able to became a minbeast and explore the environment around them. With butterflies, dragaonflies, ladybirds, slaters, spiders, worms and caterpillars, children used dramatic techniques and movement to create a mini beast spectatular. A few notable comments by the children included:

“I loved being a worm because I got to dress up” (Sarah R)

“I liked dressing up like a caterpillar because he ate the leaf” (Jake)

“I liked dressing up and playing the pass the pretend food ant game” (Mikayla)

“I got to dress up as a butchy boy and had to roll up in a ball when the spiders were coming near” (Jesse)

It will only be a matter of time before we see some children being Hollywoood superstars!

What did you dress up as?


What did you like best about the incursion?

4 thoughts on “Lights, camera, action!

  1. Hi Mrs Hollands,
    I am in 9 photos , lucky me!
    I click,click,click all 1B finaly 1C.
    Can you please put all mixed up.

    P.S. I can not find my maths card to get on to the maths website so can you do a copy I know my password so just get me a copy.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Hope you have had a nice fathers day with your dad! Bet you spoilt him with lots of love! 9 photos- WOW! That is really great! It can be a little bit tricky to mix up the photos but we will try to do it next time! It just puts them in order of when the photos were taken… Silly thing!
      See you tomorrow gorgeous
      Mrs Hollands

    • Oh Sorry Sarah,
      Just saw the bottom of the message! I will most certainly get you your password. Ill try to remember to do it tomorrow sweetheart!

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I dressed up as a Caterpillar and a Ladybird.
    I liked it when Luke was the leader and when he stoped we had to pass the food along.
    From Mia.

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