The Thing That went Thud

This week we learnt all about ‘th’ words. We discovered that ‘th’ can be found at the start of some words like ‘the’ and ‘this’, that it can come in the middle of words like ‘brother’ and ‘birthday’ and that it can also come at the ends of words like ‘moth’ and ‘month’.

See if you can add at least 2 of each to the wall below!


Insect Knowledge and Wonderings by Grade 1B

The Grade 1 children have been working hard in order to share their knowledge about minibeasts. They already know lots of great pieces of information.

They then had lots of questions to ask about certain insects that they wanted to find out more about.

You can read all about the things they know and the questions they have by clicking on each of the front pages below. It will then open up like a book in a new window.

Grade 1B Wonderings

Grade 1C Wonderings







Can you help us answer any of our questions?